E-Cigarettes & Starter Kits

Welcome to Vapourmate, the UK’s premier supplier of e-cigarette related products. If you’re looking to get a vapour cigarette, whether as a way to give up smoking or if you’d just like to join the hundreds of thousands of other vapers in the UK, then Vapourmate’s e-cigarette starter kits will be perfect for you. They provide you with an excellent way to get in to vaping with all of the essentials that you need including e-liquidsclearomizers and accessories. One of the most complicated aspects of vaping is learning what is what i.e. how you refill them, where you refill them and how to replace coils and clearomizers. To a new user this can very confusing, so read our help guide on how to get started.

Starter kits can contain everything that you need in order to enjoy vaping. At Vapourmate you can purchase a number of different types of electronic cigarettes, vaping cigarettes and starter kits, progressing to larger and more powerful devices as you wish. We have a large range of items in stock and are adding new products all of the time in order to give our customers the latest and very best vape products.

How Does Vaping Compare?

Vaping provides an easy and effective alternative to tobacco cigarettes, helping you to recreate the sensation and satisfaction that you feel whilst smoking, without many of the harmful chemicals. You will hear seasoned vapers talking about the ‘throat hit’, different e-cigarettes and e-liquid combinations give varying strengths of throat hit, this is what all ex-smokers look for when they turn to vaping. One of the most important factor however is that a vapour cigarette is acceptable in many businesses and premises, unlike smoking which is banned. Vaping can therefore is more sociably acceptable and can be a great way to help you quit smoking for good.

E-Liquid Flavours

One of the many advantages that an e-cigarette has over smoking is the wide variety of e-liquid flavours available. Those who want to retain the feeling and taste that is so familiar from traditional cigarettes can choose tobacco flavours, which are as close to the real thing as possible, minus the smell! For those who want to try out different flavours, you can experiment with fruity and rich flavours, coffee, cola, red bull and other drinks as well as mixing and matching flavours to create exciting new combinations. E Liquids can be used on their own or blended together to create your favourite flavours. There is a whole vaping community out there with plenty of ideas for different combinations to try.